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3D Character Animation Services

3D Character Animation Services is a specialized area of the 3D animation process which involves bringing animated characters to life.

Using an animated character will bring more life to your 3D animation project.  The character can interact with the environment, tools, machinery, equipment, and show how it will be used in real life. Our senior 3D character animators are seasoned animators that can create realistic characters to be used in different kinds of animations.

To be able to animate a character, our animator needs to rig the character first. After our 3D modeler finishes building a character, the character needs to be rigged.

The character rig is essentially a digital skeleton of the character.  A rig is made up of joints and bones.  Each act as the handle that the animator can use to bend the character into a desired pose.

Whether you need a basic 3D character in your 3D animation, or you need a realistic character that can interact within the environment, our senior character animators will make your dream come true.

To save our clients money and time, we have produced a range of male and female characters that you can choose from. Also, we will be able to create brand new characters based on your design.