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Render Farm Services

Our company has access to one of the largest render farms globally. With the computer power of more than 5,000 computers, our render farm will make rendering of the high definition long 3D animations a breeze.
To have a smooth running 3D animation, you need a minimum of 24 frames per second, but 30 frames per second is preferred.

We will do all of our final 3D animations in 30 frames per second.
Based on how heavy the scene is, each frame will take between 2 to 5 minutes to render.

So, to render a 5 minute 3D animation
(5 minutes x 60 x 30 = 9,000 frames)

If the average render time for each frame is 3 minutes, it will take 27,000 minutes or 450 hours to render this project on one powerful computer. This is equal to 45 days based on 10 hours a day rendering. The same project can be done in only a matter of hours utilizing our render farm of 5,000 computers.

One of the major issues for many clients is time and the speed of the production as they may have a tight deadline. Utilizing our 3D render farm, we will solve this problem.