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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos or landing page videos are short 60 to 90-second 2D animation, motion graphics, or 3D videos that explain your project or services in a short and easy-to-understand manner.

Complex ideas, projects, or services summarized into a quick and effective animated video are explainer videos, overview videos, how-it-works videos, or demo videos.

Explainer videos are becoming an increasingly important part of a good and effective website.

You can explain your vision in a short and to-the-point manner to your target audience and potential clients.

A significant number of companies rely on the prominent overview/explainer video on their home page. Even large companies like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn use explainer videos as a part of their overall marketing strategy.

The effectiveness of explainer videos or product videos is huge, and it makes the decision-making for potential clients much easier.

The 2D flash videos also help your existing clients and fans to promote your product and services.

2D flash videos can easily be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites.

Animated 2D videos and 3D videos can also be included in the presentations at trade shows and shared by your sales team. They can also be included in email signatures.