Virtual Reality Solutions

iMakerXR’s industrial virtual reality solutions are designed and built to deliver cutting-edge detail and exceptional functionality – two key factors in delivering fully immersive VR experiences. From guided virtual tours and industrial simulations to safety training and big data visualization, iMakerVR can deliver tailor-made Virtual Reality solutions for your projects.

With Virtual Reality, organizations can create true-to-life simulations in risk-free, cost-effective ways. Any environment or situation can be created to quickly and effectively communicate important information in a uniquely immersive, visual, and auditory experience. VR technology has proven advantages over traditional mediums, particularly in the form of engagement and information retention. There’s no better way to learn than by experiencing and Virtual Reality is the closest it comes to the real thing.

Harness the power of Virtual Reality to improve communication, reduce travel, improve design, and assist validation and review. Our VR Solution leverages your geospatial, geological, and engineering data, combining it all into one comprehensive, informative, sensory experience.

Data Visualization

  • View complex data in immersive 3D

  • Collaboratively view 3D geological data

  • Optimize engineering design and reduce re-work to engineered facilities

Industrial Safety and Training

  • Reduce costs and increase scalability

  • Reduce training-related travel and labor costs

  • Retain information better than textbook, class, or e-learning methods

Investor and Executive Virtual Tours

  • Reduce cost and time for mine site visits

  • Legal, insurance, and environmental assessments

  • Corporate social responsibility

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